We help organizations achieve
process/software fit

Great processes aren't enough

Great software isn't enough

You need both working together

process/software fit

Our unique approach

At the intersection of process and software

We avoid the horror stories common with software projects by helping our clients tune their processes first and then implement high-performing software.

  • Address the real problem

    An inefficient process can manifest in many ways: getting beat out by your competitors by "dropped balls," increased costs, and discontentment among staff. Let's solve the root problem.

  • Process experience matters

    With over 20 years experience in process improvement, Judith Creek Consulting applies the right tools to identify process gaps, find the solution, and implement steps to ensure the process stays healthy.

  • Stop fighting your software

    Coupling perfectly good software to a bad process will just leave you frustrated - things are no better even though your staff has worked hard and you've made a significant investment.

  • Breadth of software knowledge

    If your processes are already dialed-in, we can help you find the best off-the-shelf software, modify your current software, or develop a solution that's right for you.

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Judith Creek Consulting

Helping organizations achieve process/software fit.